March 08, 2023 17:09 Journalist Usama Soliman
  1. The Department of Egyptian Pharaonic Civilization in the History Museum in the Austrian capital, Vienna, includes one of the most important collections of Egyptian antiquities in the world. The collection consists of 17,000 pieces dating back to 4500 BC.

The Egyptian collection is divided into several main areas, which are burial rituals, cultural history, fine arts, and the development of writing. It also includes many coffins, human and animal mummies, books of the dead, tombstones, figures of gods, and objects of daily life such as clothes, toilet tools, and masterpieces of sculpture.


The History Museum in Vienna is one of the most famous museums in Europe, and the collection of Egyptian antiquities is the most impressive outside of Egypt.


One of the most impressive pieces is the real cult room of the famous son of Pharaoh Khufu, who built the Great Pyramid in Giza, in addition to everything you want to know about how the ancient Egyptians lived?

And the Austrian media says that ancient Egypt is one of the greatest human civilizations and is still full of magic and fascination, as the Egyptian section in the museum is an exciting journey through time to the kingdom of the Pharaohs.

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Writer To Hoai is famous for his book De Men Adventure Ky (1941) written for children. Currently, "Crickets" have traveled all over the world. The story has been translated into many languages and published in many countries around the world. He is likened to the Andersen of Vietnam.


At first glance, she doesn't stand out when standing next to her Asian girls, I become more and more in the middle European women. Yet, people like look at you, especially like to peek, every time you say, or every time she laughs. Asian-style face Dong, round black eyes that can talk, the corner of his mouth when also fresh. Long, silky black hair, clear voice, Standard and flexible pronunciation even when I speak the language German and Vietnamese.