Harald V of Norway

February 21, 1937 (Pisces)

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Profile of the King

Harald V of Norway has reigned as King of Norway since January 1991. He was born in Norway in the late 1930s, just before WWII, and was the second in line of succession after his father. He spent the war years in the United States before returning to Norway in 1945 and enrolling in a public school to show solidarity with his countrymen. He was the first and only prince to do so. He went on to study at the Norwegian Military Academy and Balliol College, Oxford. He began working closely with his father, King Olav V of Norway, after finishing his education. Harald V ascended to the Norwegian throne at the age of 54 and instituted numerous reforms, including making the royal household more accessible to his subjects and the national media. He is an avid sportsman who continues to compete in international sailing events to this day.

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