March 10, 2023 07:19 WAJ
On March 10th, 2023, the Vietnam Ancestral Global Day Project had a meeting with the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism delegation to discuss the organization of two upcoming events. The first event is the Hung Kings Commemoration Ceremony, which will take place in South Korea. The second event is the Korean-Vietnamese Costume Festival, scheduled to be held in October of the same year.

On March 10th, 2023, the Vietnam Ancestral Global Day Project (VAG) held a meeting with the delegation from the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to discuss the organization of the Hung Kings Commemoration Ceremony in South Korea and the Korean-Vietnamese Costume Festival. The meeting aimed to coordinate the efforts between the two parties to ensure the successful execution of these events. The Korean-Vietnamese Costume Festival is scheduled to take place in October of this year.


The meeting of the delegations between two parties


VAG signed MOU with Dream with us Association (South Korea)

The Global Vietnam Ancestral Day project, which has been running for seven years, has successfully established a shared cultural day that connects Vietnamese people all over the world and fosters strong relationships between Vietnam and its international allies. It aims to connect the Vietnamese diaspora with international communities to preserve cultural values and religious heritage, including the worship of Hung Kings. Through intercultural dialogue, the project seeks to promote respect for cultural diversity and enhance national unity, to spread the cultural values and virtues of the Vietnamese people.


A Korean representative gave carefully chosen gifts from Korea to a VAG representative as well as Vietnamese expats worldwide

To promote conservation activities and connect Vietnamese people globally on the journey to the 8th year, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding between the Dream with us Association under the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Korea and the VAG. In addition, the three-way exchange between Dream with us Association, Korea Golf Association under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, and the VAG agreed to collaborate in placing Hung King statue and organizing the Vietnam-Korea Cultural Festival, featuring the traditional costumes of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam and Korea, which will take place in October 2023.


Writer To Hoai is famous for his book De Men Adventure Ky (1941) written for children. Currently, "Crickets" have traveled all over the world. The story has been translated into many languages and published in many countries around the world. He is likened to the Andersen of Vietnam.


At first glance, she doesn't stand out when standing next to her Asian girls, I become more and more in the middle European women. Yet, people like look at you, especially like to peek, every time you say, or every time she laughs. Asian-style face Dong, round black eyes that can talk, the corner of his mouth when also fresh. Long, silky black hair, clear voice, Standard and flexible pronunciation even when I speak the language German and Vietnamese.