"Austria and Vietnam have many similarities, as both have directly suffered the devastating consequences of world wars and conflicts." More than anyone else, the people of these two countries have taken great lessons, understood the value of peace, passionately supported world order, strengthened multilateral systems, and approved the United Nations and regional mechanisms. ``Peace cannot be maintained by force. Understanding is the only way to accomplish it`` [1] Albert Einstein.

Dr. Yen Platz


Emagazin: Expert's perspectives on economic development of Vietnam

.The Vietnam Economic and Social Forum of the National Assembly, the National Assembly's annual program that began in 2021, was successfully held on September 18, 2022. This year's Socio-Economic Forum has the theme "Strengthening macroeconomic foundations, promoting recovery and sustainable development". On this occasion, WAJ invited Vietnam National Assembly Television to interview some economic experts in order to gain more perspectives on solutions for the Vietnamese economy..

January 01, 1970 Dr. Yen Platz

Qatar World Cup - A spot for intercultural and ideological exchange

."Welcome to the 2022 World Cup from Qatar and the Arab world," Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Amir proudly declared during the opening ceremony. Qatar's national brand image is heavily promoted in both the practical and international media press environments. A small, beautiful country (3 million people), the richest in the world, giving every citizen the right to be proud of its culture, economy, and people. .

January 01, 1970 Dr. Yen Platz

EMagazin: Vietnam's Role in Strengthening EU-ASEAN Development Cooperation

.The 45th EU-ASEAN Anniversary Summit of their dialogue partnership will be held on December 14 in Brussels, Belgium. Total EU-ASEAN trade has reached €140 billion in the last ten years. Vietnam is cited as an example among the countries making efforts to promote cooperation between the two blocs, such as France, Germany, Belgium, and Vietnam..

January 01, 1970 Dr. Yen Platz

Spreading Vietnamese virtues in Europe

.On October 15, 2022, the Second Confederation of Vietnamese in Europe, term 2022-2026, was held in Prague, Czech Republic, with the participation of nearly 300 overseas Vietnamese delegates and Vietnamese Ambassadors, as well as Vietnamese and international guests from 23 European countries. WAJ would like to share some of the enthusiastic views of Vietnamese leaders, ambassadors, and expatriates in Europe..

January 01, 1970 WAJ

Ambassador Solbakken's First Message

.On 8 September 2022, Ambassador Hilde Solbakken presented her credentials to the President of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc and officially becomes Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam..

January 01, 1970 Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi
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