In today's world, there has been a notable increase in the utilization of internal combustion engine-powered cars, resulting in a significant escalation in the consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel. Furthermore, the issue of environmental pollution arises from the excessive release of hazardous pollutants as a consequence of incomplete combustion of fuel in internal combustion engines.


Methods for market report

.Expert Wolfgang Renner, Wiener Zeitung Group (1703/WZ is one of the world's oldest newspapers in operation and is now a corporation), emphasizes: "Our desks are very dangerous." , go out and see what people are doing, from which there are ideas, feelings, feelings about life..."..

January 01, 1970 Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer

Interviewing international journalists and notes

.I respect and admire many international reporters and journalists that I have met. They have extensive knowledge, coverage and influence in the international media. They seem to be a "collection" of a whole group of public objects, in the field they pursue. Their knowledge and courage truly captivated the public..

January 01, 1970 Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer

Working stories: east sea in... Europe

.We exchanged business cards, held hands, said to each other that “hope everything will be fine soon and see you again”. I see your hands are very soft, so soft that you can't hold a gun, so soft you can only hold a pen. And if you are a genuine writer, you will not use it to kill me and my compatriots.

January 01, 1970 Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer

Train of hope

.“For the sake of humanity, let's open the border! We are human beings, as human beings we have to help others when they need it,” said Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann..

January 01, 1970 Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer

Friends immigrate

.“Refugees need to be taken care of. I do not turn my back on those who have concerns and fears, but I turn my back on those who profit economically or politically from the suffering of refugees,” said Austrian President Heinz Fischer..

January 01, 1970 Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer
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