March 20, 2024 10:28 WAJ
Seven years ago, the book "Tinh Thuong - Compassion" by Author, Investor Ha Huy Thanh was published, receiving significant attention from Vietnamese readers. The author delved into a core issue of humanity: Tinh Thuong - Compassion. Below, WAJ engages in a conversation with the author on the occasion of his upcoming book launch at the Vatican.

Author, investor Ha Huy Thanh (Hanoi)

WAJ: The discourse on Tinh Thuong - Compassion as a fundamental issue for humanity and religions has been discussed and practiced for centuries. What distinguishes your book on Tinh Thuong - Compassion from previous discussions and practices?

Author Ha Huy Thanh: Indeed, it's remarkable that Tinh Thuong - Compassion has been recognized as a fundamental aspect by humanity and various religions, and has been practiced throughout history. However, we still lack a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Tinh Thuong - Compassion. What is its essence? What is its structural framework? How is it practiced? There hasn't been a universally applicable concept of Tinh Thuong - Compassion; often, it's mistaken as merely an emotional, merciful, benevolent or altruistic concept. Therefore, the Tinh Thuong - Compassion I write about is a concept, a principle with universality, enabling humans to "adapt and reconcile" circumstances. It involves a process of awareness, cognition, and a lifestyle of "Understanding, Sharing, and Creating Solutions." When put into practice, this process leads to awakening, enlightenment, and the consciousness that Tinh Thuong - Compassion is an energy source, a gift from the universe. Through my book, I act as a messenger to decode this concept, and this gift can transform humanity into a community of Tinh Thuong - Compassion. Each component of the stages, from "Understanding, Sharing, and Creating Solutions," comprises constituent elements, such as understanding oneself, understanding others, and understanding situations. We can only harness the energy and miracles of Tinh Thuong - Compassion when we understand its principles through daily practice. I call Tinh Thuong - Compassion a doctrine and practice.

WAJ: Who has had the most profound influence on your thinking while writing this book?

Author Ha Huy Thanh: I am fortunate to have been born in the era of information technology and raised in the 4.0 age, allowing me to absorb the achievements of human thought, from Jesus Christ to the Buddha. When writing this book, I needed numerous citations to corroborate practical experiences and illustrate the insights I gained through human perception. I often reflect on statements by Mother Teresa or President Ho Chi Minh regarding their understanding of human and universal Tinh Thuong - Compassion. I am grateful to these outstanding representatives of humanity for their empathy. This book is written in the illumination of my inner self, like flashes of insight in the cosmic consciousness, allowing us to perceive an eternal value. I receive and express it through this book as a gift to life. Perhaps the laws of the Universe, the Creator, have influenced me most deeply in writing this book.

WAJ: We understand that your book on Tinh Thuong - Compassion has been published in Italy and will be launched at the Vatican. Could you share more about this?

Author Ha Huy Thanh: I must express my gratitude to Tota Pulchra - the Vatican, particularly Monsignor Jean-Marie Gervais, for the warm welcome and special respect shown in their welcoming letter. It's a great honor for the book "Tinh Thuong - Compassion." I believe this is a wonderful effort by translator Mario Ferrari and La Torre dei Venti Publishing House to introduce Tinh Thuong - Compassion to the Italian public. Behind every good deed lies goodwill, efforts from colleagues, partners, and supporters. I always contemplate this with deep gratitude. I hope this will be a fantastic beginning for the journey of Tinh Thuong - Compassion to reach every individual and land in need of the energy of Tinh Thuong - Compassion.


The author, investor Ha Huy Thanh, and his wife take a commemorative photo with the Archbishop of Prague Cathedral and the President of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus (photo: provided by the character).

WAJ: Why did you choose Italy as the first destination for your book "Tinh Thuong- Compassion"?

Author Ha Huy Thanh: I have visited many countries, each with stories of heritage and culture. I have beautiful friendships in Italy. When sitting with family and friends in Rome, we often discuss culture. We perceive culture as an energy state attained through levels of consciousness, achievement, and enlightenment. From that energy level, humans create achievements with characteristics of heritage. While in Rome, I often think of Hanoi, Vietnam, inspiring me to write the book "Tinh Thuong - Compassion." I completed this book on a cultural journey to many countries, but I chose Italy as a tribute to their cultural achievements and their contribution to humanity, which I have personally experienced. I am fortunate to have international friends, and Italy and the Vatican warmly welcomed “Tinh Thuong – Compassion.”


International press conference on the project "Ao Dai Heritage - Culture of Compassion" with the Italian Embassy in Vietnam and the Icham organization (Photo: provided by character).

WAJ: You've interpreted Tinh Thuong-compassion through the thousand-year history of the Vietnamese people, who have endured various challenges with Tinh Thuong - Compassion. Could you elaborate on this?

Author Ha Huy Thanh: Tinh Thuong - Compassion is a cultural heritage of Vietnam. I wrote a book titled "Vietnam - A Nation of Tinh Thuong - Compassion" in 2018, and there is a chapter with the same title in this book. No nation wishes to be known solely through brutal wars, but Vietnam is recognized for how we traversed wars and reached peace as a miraculous story of Tinh Thuong - Compassion. I am fortunate to have been born in this land, to witness the operation of the principle of Tinh Thuong - Compassion throughout history, including the past, present, and future. I see, experience, and believe that Tinh Thuong - Compassion is the key to personal and global issues, leading to "nobility, prosperity, and humanity."

WAJ: Thank you sincerely!

Hanoi, 17 March, 2024

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