June 15, 2024 12:39
The Vietnamese Public Security Sports Association had a meeting with the World Police Taekwondo Federation and Korean universities to strengthen cooperation in organizing the 2024 Asian Police Taekwondo Championships in Vietnam and expand training opportunities.

On June 14, 2024, in Seoul, South Korea, a delegation from Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security and the Vietnam People's Police Sports Association co-hosted a meeting with the World Police Taekwondo Federation (WPTF). The meeting focused on their collaboration for the upcoming Asian Police Taekwondo Championships in Vietnam in late 2024.


The Vietnamese delegation collaborates with the World Police Taekwondo Federation. Photo: WPTF

Senior Colonel Nguyen Thi Thuy Thanh, representing the Vietnamese delegation, expressed their aim to enhance sports exchanges and connections with global police forces and develop sports within Vietnam's public security forces. The Asian Championships will be the association's first hosted international event. With improving Vietnam-South Korea diplomatic relations, the delegation is actively engaging Korean organizations to bolster sports cooperation comprehensively.

On June 13, the delegation had a successful meeting with Howon University, known for sports training, including martial arts. They secured commitments for expanded collaboration. On the following day, they signed an MOU with Shinhan University, a leading institution in Taekwondo training, to widen future partnerships.

WPTF President Bang Seung Ho confirmed the federation's active cooperation with Vietnam's police sports association for the event's success. Both sides committed to long-term cooperation in organizing competitions, training athletes, and developing referees and coaches within Vietnam's public security forces. Representatives from WPTF will regularly visit Vietnam for optimal event preparation.

Both parties aim to use Taekwondo to unite police forces globally, strengthen physical and mental resilience, and contribute more effectively to maintaining social safety in their respective countries.

Other photos at the event:


Source: Vietnamese Public Security Sports Association 

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