March 15, 2023 19:48 Vienna

The proceedings of the International Medical Conference "St. Gallen" in its eighteenth session for the treatment of breast cancer in the Austrian capital, Vienna, discussed ways of early detection of breast cancer. This came with the participation of a large number of doctors, researchers, experts, medical colleges, drug and medical equipment companies around the world, and its work will last for three days.

A statement by the conference management said that the conference includes a number of specialized sessions and workshops that discuss the latest research, experiments and data in the treatment of breast cancer and ways of early detection of it.

The statement pointed out that experts and international medical centers for the treatment of breast cancer around the world will discuss a number of basic and clinical research on the follow-up of breast cancer patients, while reviewing the latest data on infections and treatment regimens, with a critical review by leading specialists in this field.

The conference concluded with an update of the widely recognized Galen International Report on Initial Treatment for Individuals with Early Breast Cancer, which will be published just a few months after the conference.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer