June 08, 2023 17:28 Dr. Yen Platz
Sakai is one of Sangthong's 34 villages in Vientiane, Laos. This area still has a diverse natural ecology, with substantial mineral resources, including gold mining. Notably, the government has awarded the Sakai Mining Company Limited a licence to undertake a gold mining project. This is an initiative of cooperation between the land of a million elephants and Vietnam.


Bi thu Huyen Phong sa van Si li phan-1.jpeg

Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of Sangthong District, Mr. Skai Phông sặ vẳn Sỉ lị phăn, responds during an interview at the Sakai gold mine (Photo by WAJ, 3rd May, 2023)

WAJ: Can you introduce some information about the culture and tourism potential of the district and village of Sakai? How do you evaluate the gold mining model in Sakai?

-Secretary Phông sặ vẳn Sỉ lị phăn: I am Phông sặ vẳn Sỉ lị phăn, Secretary of the District Party Committee and Chairman of Sẳng thong Sakai District. It is an honor to be interviewed by a foreign journalist who is visiting and working in Sẳng thong District. Sakai is one of 34 villages in Sẳng thong District. Our district has its own characteristics that differ from others in Vientiane. Currently, it still maintains a rich natural ecosystem, especially with many valuable mineral mines, such as the gold mine in Sakai Village. The Sakai mining company has been granted a license by the government to develop a gold mining project. This is one of the exemplary companies that operates according to the functions and duties specified in the contract. In addition to developing in the area of Sakai Village, the Sakai company also raises funds to support the development of our district, such as building parks, forest fire prevention and treatment in our district which has been quite severe recently, as well as Covid-19 prevention and control measures. This is a model company in business operations in Sakai Village as well as in Sẳng thong District.

WAJ: Do you have any comments on Sakai Compan's tax obligations and charitable activities contributing to the local community and the Lao government?
-Secretary Phông sặ vẳn Sỉ lị phăn: Regarding the implementation of tax obligations by the mining company, Sakai Company is a shining example, contributing fully to its obligations to the state as required by law every year. They contribute to both state obligations and our local development obligations. The company has fulfilled all of its obligations; it can be said that this company is a leader in fulfilling obligations in the Sẳng thong District. On the other hand, it has a positive impact on the community, contributing to job creation for the people of the Sakai community.

Khu khai thac mo Sakai.JPG

One corner of Sakai Mining Site

WAJ: How has the Lao government and the district provided or assisted the Vietnam-Laos friendship cooperation model and the Sakai company?
-Secretary Phông sặ vẳn Sỉ lị phăn: Regards the special relationship between Laos and Vietnam, and specifically between the company and the Sakai District, besides developing its infrastructure, the company also contributes to the development of our district by building parks. The government also has many policies to support businesses to invest and develop in Laos. As the local government, we serve as a bridge to help businesses operate efficiently. The coordination between the district and Sakai Company has been very good in the past. We consider the company as a pioneer in economic development and support for the local area. Congratulations to the company for being a typical example as they have made significant contributions to Sakai and our district.

WAJ: Would the district and local people like to work with Sakai company to promote the brand of Sakai on the international tourism and cultural map?
-Secretary Phông sặ vẳn Sỉ lị phăn: For Sẳng thong District, we have also cooperated with the City authories to develop a plan for rural development with many objectives to promote its brand, but in reality, we still do not have traditional products that represent our own vibe for abroad promotion. Most of the products made only stop at distribution within the country. Currently, we have 2 products that are considered the strengths of the district such as woven bamboo and rice. We have set a goal to improve the quality of products to be recognized by the world and to export in the future. We also call on companies with the means to come and support the development focused on the strengths of the district such as agricultural and handicraft development. We will create the best conditions for companies to invest in the district based on legal grounds.

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Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of Sangthong District, Mr. Skai Phong, and districts leaders met with the leaders of Sakai Mining Company Limited and the journalist (Photo by WAJ, 3nd May, 2023).

WAJ: A few years ago, we had the opportunity to meet and work with the Lao Embassy in Austria, Europe. At that time, during a Vietnamese ceremony, the Ambassador said that Laos and Vietnam are brothers. So, if international scientists, journalists are helping Vietnam, then please also help us in Laos. Today, we are here and on the occasion of this event, we ready to help the people of Laos and the Sakai community. We hope to have the opportunity to welcome the leaders of the Laos to Europe and to Austria, to connect the friendship between nations. What do you think about this?

-Secretary Phông sặ vẳn Sỉ lị phăn: On the occasion of the journalist's visit to work in Sẳng thong district, I would like to thank the journalist for the frank discussions we had. As we all know, Laos and Vietnam have a comprehensive and friendly cooperative relationship that no other country in the world has. We are always ready to welcome investors to support the development of Laos, especially Sẳng thong District. We acknowledge the support of businesses that contribute to the development of Sẳng
thong District. On behalf of the district's leadership, I would like to thank the journalist, and we also hope to have the opportunity to visit you and promote connections with countries around the world so that they can know more about our country and Sẳng thong District.
Thank you so much!


Writer To Hoai is famous for his book De Men Adventure Ky (1941) written for children. Currently, "Crickets" have traveled all over the world. The story has been translated into many languages and published in many countries around the world. He is likened to the Andersen of Vietnam.


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