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Daughter of the Phoenix - Hope is My Way is a story written about herself, a woman of Vietnamese and French ancestry. She grew up in the impoverished French countryside, surrounded by a racist environment and a cruel father.

Difficulties in life and the influence of family on the inside seemed capable of killing a person, but Isabelle Müller did not give up and rose to become a successful and energetic person. giving positive energy to others.

Isabelle Müller's message:

I was often asked whether I wrote my biography "Phoenix's Daughter - Hope Was My Way" as a therapy to come to terms with past trauma. My answer is still: Definitely no. I didn't intend to write my own biography and share my story with anybody in the world. I didn't have any reason. It was not me, but my mother Loan who deserved to be known in the world with her life. For me she remains one of the most exemplary person to whom I look up with gratitude.

But in 2008 I was asked by the renowned S. Fischer Verlag in Germany to write my own biography. Instead of publishing the maternal biography "Loan - From the Life of a Phoenix", as I offered, the publisher preferred to have a "living protagonist" (Mother Loan died in 2003). It wasn't just for marketing reasons. The world of Southeast Asia (Vietnam) at that time was far too foreign to them. After all, they did not dare to let their German readership come into contact with it. So I should tell my story as an Eurasian living in Europe.

Furthermore, why should I write to deal with problems? I had always solved them myself all my life in my loneliness. I had learned to be brave and to take  responsibility for my actions and decisions. To stand by my statements. For me, every experience in my life so far has been a lesson to learn more about life, people and myself. To grow beyond myself. To become self-confident, resilient - that's what they call it today - and ultimately happy.

Of course, it didn't happen overnight. It was a long maturation process that I had to experience in order to become the serene and happy person I am today. This maturation process was full of pain, but also full of knowledge. Several times I almost broke on that, in despair. But I was lucky enough to always meet the right people and make the right decisions in the right place at the right time.

I believe that luck was part of my destiny. Often we err on earth in search of our destiny and the meaning of life. Often destiny finds its way to us. Destiny is like water and is part of life. So was it with me.

That's how I wrote my story down. At the request of my German publisher, I had to leave out the toughest passages about the longstanding sexual abuse. They would have been too great an imposition for the readership.
Also, I did not go too deeply into the depth of spirituality, which is also part of my life, at the request of the same publisher. However, I have left some important statements between the lines in the hope that my readership would understand what I mean.

Although there are difficult passages in this book, the focus of my story should by no means be placed on the pain, suffering and traumacexperienced. I'm a too optimistic  person to let that happen. My life story should give the readership a lot of strength, hope, positive energy and courage to live. It should encourage people to question the things in life and themselves again and again. To conquer one's own
fears. To believe in one's dreams, especially when they are supposedly inaccessible to others. Develop self-confidence.

It's not because certain things have always been that way, that they have to stay that way. Life is a constant process. Nothing stops. Everyone and everything evolves. By regularly questioning something, you can determine whether everything is right in your life. Whether the
things that fill your own life, the environment, the people make you happy. If not, it's time to act and make a difference. By doing it, you develop a healthy, strong psyche and can thus set good impulses in society, possibly also in the world. You should always listen to your intuition.

My story is not mainly about the search for happiness, but about the way to find it. It's about turning unhappiness into happiness. It's about learning to turn the spiral of negativity into a spiral of positivity.
All experiences form my philosophy of life. That philosophy is the essence of a happy life, I mean.

Indeed, you will find that my mother Loan's life has a great deal in common with my life. That's right. The challenges just look different and take place at a different time. My mother instinctively understood the importance of accepting all challenges in life. Questioning things and changing them if necessary if they didn't make her happy. Think by your own. Find yourself and ultimately stay true to yourself. Her life shows just a few examples of what life can be like.

I have certainly experienced bad things, including sexual abuse, psychological terror, burn-out, exclusion, discrimination, poverty, betrayal. And? In return, I consciously say to myself: I have also experienced true love, warmth, affection, encouragement, willingness to help, empathy, friendship, luck and happiness. And I am allowed to live
healthy here on earth and help shape this life.

I have learned to analyze every situation in life from a certain distance. I realized how important it is to live in resonance and to perceive the opposites (light to darkness, good to bad, etc ...) in order to find one's own center and maintain a healthy balance.

Like my mother's story, my own story only contains examples of what life can be like. It is important for me not to concentrate on the negative experiences but on the positive ones. What did I learn from all?  What did I do with it? How can we be fit for life? We all live in a given framework on this earth. Our personality consists, among other things, of body and mind, abilities, talents, gifts, etc ... They are tools that
we should use the best in order to be happy and strong. To ultimately help one day the weakest. To make this world a better one.

In our spirit we can contribute to the decision whether we are happy or not. Even when the circumstances are difficult, this attitude can be trained. Just like love. Humans should never forget to love, no matter how much suffering they experience. Destroyed love can regenerate and revive like nerves believed to be broken. Love is the cornerstone of our existence. Love certainly begins with self-love.

This also implies being able to forgive. The power of forgiveness can work miracles. I experienced that myself and would therefore like to share this experience. The pain is a permanent imprint that must never be forgotten. But forgiveness is a liberating, redeeming decision that enables one to lead a happy, self-determined life. Do not stop going in your life. Don't repeat the same mistakes. Always look ahead. Remember
what you´ve learned. Believe in a happy, healthy and lucky life.
Ultimately, I would like to show my respect for the universe with my biography and express my gratitude for its guidance. In every second of loneliness, in each breath I was always accompanied by the power of heaven. It is imperturbable and part of my life. I would like the readership to gain strength for the future by reading my book.

Writer To Hoai is famous for his book De Men Adventure Ky (1941) written for children. Currently, "Crickets" have traveled all over the world. The story has been translated into many languages and published in many countries around the world. He is likened to the Andersen of Vietnam.


At first glance, she doesn't stand out when standing next to her Asian girls, I become more and more in the middle European women. Yet, people like look at you, especially like to peek, every time you say, or every time she laughs. Asian-style face Dong, round black eyes that can talk, the corner of his mouth when also fresh. Long, silky black hair, clear voice, Standard and flexible pronunciation even when I speak the language German and Vietnamese.