October 25, 2022 15:38 WAJ
The Danish Crown Prince and his wife will visit Vietnam from October 31 to November 3, 2022. This is a visit to promote the bilateral relationship, exchange of knowledge and experience between Denmark and Vietnam on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

On the October 25th, a press conference was held at the Danish Embassy in Hanoi to prepare for the Crown Prince of Denmark and his wife's visit to Vietnam. Danish Ambassador to Vietnam H.E. Mr. Nicolai Prytz, official representatives in Vietnam, Mr. Carsten Balzer, Mr. Troels Jakobsen, and other Vietnamese and international media agencies attended the press conference.


Danish Ambassador to Vietnam with official representatives in Vietnam

At the press conference, Ambassador H.E.Mr. Nicolai Prytz stated: “The visit of the Crown Prince and his wife is an enormous event for us. It is not just about the organizers keep working very hard; it is also a big value of Vietnam and Denmark relationship on the occasion of their 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations".


Ambassador H.E.Mr.Nicolai Prytz is speaking at the press conference

Vietnam and Denmark have collaborated in a variety of fields, including energy, food agriculture, health, and education. In the contents of this cooperation program, we connect with all intellectuals, scientific researchers, and experts from Vietnam and Denmark, and even decision makers to collaborate and research for a better development in Vietnam.

In our cooperation programs, we place a special emphasis on developing economics and encouraging investment. “In many fields, Vietnam is an interesting destination for Danish investors. This is an incentive for us to encourage Danish businesses to invest in Vietnam,” said Ambassador Nicolai Prytz.



Press agencies are present at the press conference

Mr. Troels Jakobsen stated, “We are now working with other Danish companies who would like to invest in projects and find suppliers in Vietnam. For examples, Pandora, the world's leading jewelry manufacturer, has invested in a factory in Binh Duong, Vietnam, next to Lego. This provides Vietnam with more opportunities to develop the wind power industry and energy usage efficiency.”


Mr. Troels Jakobsen is speaking at the press conference

Mr. Carsten Balzer clarified the main activities of the Crown Prince of Denmark and his wife's visit to Vietnam: “Vietnam is important to the Crown Prince because the Crown Prince's father was in Vietnam when he was a child and then he went to grade 3; this trip is also barely his 50th birthday”.

The Crown Prince and his wife will arrive in Vietnam on October 31 to begin a courtesy visit with the President and Vice President of Vietnam, launching a forum to promote trade investment in sustainable energy. There are also a number of planned programs, including attending the 50th anniversary of bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Denmark, visiting some Danish companies that have operated in Vietnam, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Lego factory in Binh Duong, scientific seminars, and art and culture exhibitions.

In addition to the Crown Prince and his wife's visit, there will be largest Danish enterprises, including those with global market positions which are in Vietnam. There are renewable energy sector including wind that are eagerly awaiting the policy framework in order to invest in Vietnam.


Mr. Carsten Balzer is speaking at the press conference

Ambassador H.E.Mr. Nicolai Prytz expressed his appreciation to the press agencies for attending the meeting ahead of the Crown Prince of Denmark and his wife's visit to Vietnam on behalf of the leaders of the Danish Embassy in Vietnam. It is hoped that this visit will help to strengthen the friendship between the two countries.







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