October 12, 2022 12:07
Isabelle Müller is the author of "Loan - From the Life of a Phoenix". It was one of the five finalists for the Kindle Storyteller Deutscher Self Publishing Award 2015 and a two-year Amazon bestseller. She has given readers the strength, hope, positive energy, and courage to live a better life through two books about her mother's life and her own.

VTV4 implemented the Talk VietNam. Listen to Isabelle Müller, author of "Loan - From the Life of a Phoenix," speak about her journey to Vietnam, the volunteer work she has done and given to the people of the highlands, and most importantly, the book work she has researched has left an imprint on readers all over the world, inspiring them to strive for a better life. /.



Source: VTV4

Writer To Hoai is famous for his book De Men Adventure Ky (1941) written for children. Currently, "Crickets" have traveled all over the world. The story has been translated into many languages and published in many countries around the world. He is likened to the Andersen of Vietnam.


At first glance, she doesn't stand out when standing next to her Asian girls, I become more and more in the middle European women. Yet, people like look at you, especially like to peek, every time you say, or every time she laughs. Asian-style face Dong, round black eyes that can talk, the corner of his mouth when also fresh. Long, silky black hair, clear voice, Standard and flexible pronunciation even when I speak the language German and Vietnamese.