October 21, 2022 14:04 WAJ
The Season of Love Gala Dinner for Vietnamese women recently took place in Karlovy Vary, a UNESCO World Heritage site. "I feel a lot of admiration and appreciation for Vietnamese women, especially when they live away from home, they both take care of their families and connect movements with the host country," said Ms. Monsportová, Chairwoman of the Ethnic Minority Committee in Karlovy Vary.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day (20/10), the Vietnamese Women Community (Club) in Karlovy Vary, under the auspices of the Vietnamese Women Association in the Czech Republic, hosted a Love Season Gala Dinner for Vietnamese expatriate women at Lidov Dum koln 7, 36017 Karlovy Vary, with nearly 200 women, Karlovy Vary leaders, and distinguished guests in attendance.


A graceful performance of Ao Dai at the Gala Dinner

Ms. Monsportová, Chairwoman of the Ethnic Minority Committee in Karlovy Vary, who had just returned from Vietnam, said at the event, "I would like to praise the Vietnamese women who are very beautiful and hardworking. I just returned from a 14-day trip to Vietnam. I've traveled throughout Northern region of Vietnam, visiting pagodas in Ninh Binh and conquering Fansipan Mountain. I went to the Vietnamese Women's Museum and felt the entire life of  them; I felt a lot of admiration and appreciation for them, especially those who live away from home. They both care for their families while also connecting movements with their host countries".


Ms. Monsportová, Chairwoman of the Committee for Ethnic Minorities and City Leaders in Karlovy Vary, rejoiced with Vietnamese expatriates

The Gala featured Vietnamese traditional dishes, Ao Dai and Non La art performances, folk songs, and melodies of home performed by professional artists from Vietnam and the community.


Male/ female singers in Karlovy Vary

Mr. Vu Dinh Duyen, Chairman of the Vietnamese Community in Karlovy Vary, praised the contribution of Vietnamese women in this city, saying that they are the driving force behind the movement's activities, contributing to the growth of the Vietnamese community as it integrates into the host country. The community always sponsors and supports the club's activities, such as festivals and honoring Vietnamese women, accompanying and caring for the second generation born and raised here, and especially teaching Vietnamese language to children.


Ms. Do Thi Men, Chairwoman of Vietnamese Women's Club in Karlovy Vary

Ms. Do Thi Men stated:"The club is a gathering place for women to share experiences, joys, and sorrows in expatriate life; to do charity work for Vietnam and the host country;  to provide with Vietnamese language classes; and to participate in various activities of the Vietnamese Association in Karlovy Vary and the Vietnamese Women Association in the Czech Republic."

Chairwoman Ta Pham Bich Thuy recognized the contributions of the Vietnamese Women Community in Karlovy Vary in participating in relief activities, supporting local people, and expatriates when the Covid-19 pandemic raged on behalf of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women Association in the Czech Republic.


Ms. Ta Pham Bich Thuy, Chairwoman of the Vietnamese Women Association in the Czech Republic (the fifth from the left), and the Excecutive Board of Vietnamese Community in Karlovy Vary with guests

When singer Duong Quoc Hung received the love of overseas Vietnamese, he was moved: "I am very happy to come to the Czech Republic in this second time to bring my singing to overseas Vietnamese. I sang various kinds of music, but songs written about homeland have been instilled in me since my childhood. This fills me with pride, especially when performing in Europe and the Czech Republic. I will continue to sing this kind of music and mix it with a newer style in order to reach a wider range of audiences, particularly young people".


Vietnamese-Czech artists and Singer Duong Quoc Hung (in the center)

The Gala Dinner was filled to the brim with songs accompanied by melodies from the homeland , the fatherland, the attachment of overseas Vietnamese to Vietnamese artists, the sincerity of the natives. They were all mixed during the season of love, in their longing for home.


The gala dinner burned until the last few minutes

More photos at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3379426755623064&type=3

Source: From WAJ Reporter, Karlovy Vary



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