October 18, 2023 12:13 WAJ
From October 18 to 22, 2023, in accordance with the foreign affairs programme for 2023, a delegation of the National Political Publishing House of Truth - the agency that publishes theoretical and political books of the Party and the Vietnamese State - consisting of four members led by Assoc. Prof., Dr. Vu Trong Lam, Director - Editor-in-Chief, participated in the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt Book Fair) in Germany. Within the framework of the most important event in the global publishing.

Director - Editor-In-Chief of The National Political Publishing House of Truth are working with Springer Nature Group (UK) about the publishing copyrights 

Dubbed the "Mecca of the global publishing industry," the Frankfurt International Book Fair is held annually in October in Frankfurt, a city in Western Germany. The fair attracts thousands of readers, presenters, booksellers, publishers, and authors from all over the world, and it allows publishers from all over the world to trade, swap copyrights, and conduct international trade. Over 4,000 publishers from nations and regions throughout the world participated in booth displays and book presentations this year, marking the 75th edition of the fair's launch; this year's exhibition is the largest since 2020.

For Vietnamese publishers, the Frankfurt Book Fair is an opportunity to learn about and keep abreast of new trends in the global publishing market; access cutting-edge auxiliary technologies for publishing activities; exchange and discuss books, promote reading culture, and negotiate copyrights with publishers from other countries;conduct research and learn from the experiences of organizing international book events.

As part of its participation in the 2023 Frankfurt International Book Fair, a delegation from the National Political Publishing House of Truth will continue to meet with publishing partners around the world to discuss the purchase and sale of copyrights for translated books from other languages into Vietnamese and vice versa. According to the plan, the publishing house will meet and work with leading reputable publishers from the United Kingdom, France, and China, such as: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Yale University Press, Springer Nature Group (UK); Tallandier Publishing (France); Phoenix Publishing Group (China).

At the meetings, the delegation from the National Political Publishing House of Truth discussed the following topics with their partners: Promoting cooperation in publishing, copyright, training of experts in publishing activities and organizing international book fairs, and translating Vietnamese works into other languages; Discussing the content of some good books, with good reference value, suitable with the principles and objectives of the National Political Publishing House of Truth to translate and publish into Vietnamese, thereby helping the publishing house to better perform its political tasks, as well as meet the needs of a wide range of readers.

Source: Organizing Committee

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