April 27, 2023 18:43 Journalist Usama Soliman
World leaders in the automotive industry discussed energy transition programs and their impact on the industry .
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This came in the proceedings of the Vienna International Automotive Symposium, and the industrialists explained that the issue of sustainability represents a continuous and urgent challenge for the industry.


The Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers said the automakers discussed the challenge of climate neutrality and how it would be necessary to remain open to all potential solutions if the goal was to achieve a climate neutral transport sector.


About 1,000 international participants attended the symposium and listened to more than 80 speakers addressing topics such as the parallel existence of different drive systems (such as electric motors, fuel cells and internal combustion engines) as well as energy sources such as e-fuels, hydrogen and electricity.


A number of presentations focused on storage systems such as batteries and hydrogen solutions, along with a trade fair showcasing the latest technologies and developments from automakers and their suppliers.


Sung-hwan Cho, CEO of Hyundai Mobis emphasized that innovation in mobility technology is vital to enhancing the value and quality of people’s lives. He explained, “Mobility Technology will make a key contribution to solving universal problems including climate change, urban overcrowding, and aging population. It is important for our innovation to support sustainable growth.”


Thomas Schmall, Member of the Board of Management for Technology of Volkswagen AG, added, “Our goal for the future is to be the technology leader in e-mobility. That is why we are focusing on scalability, competitive vertical integration and the further expansion of our internal competences. In doing so, we are relying on our decades of experience in the development of competitive components.” The high-tech portfolio includes the unified cell, which will be produced from 2025 and will set a new benchmark in battery technology.

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