March 10, 2024 17:37 WAJ
The World Police Taekwondo Federation (WPTF) was founded in 2009 and currently has members in 80 countries. In February 2024, President Bang Seung Ho and a high-level delegation from the Federation visited and collaborated with the Vietnam People's Public Security Sports Association (Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam) to discuss assisting Vietnamese police forces in training, coaching, and competing in world Taekwondo tournaments.



Grandmaster Bang Seung Ho, President of the World Police Taekwondo Federation (WPTF), President of Phillip Corporation (1892), Ninth-Degree Black Belt of the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters. (Photo: WPTF)

WAJ: How do you evaluate this business trip to Vietnam?

President Bang Seung Ho (World Police Taekwondo Federation/WPTF): During this visit, we discovered that the Vietnam People's Public Security Sports Association (Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam) was just created in 2022, it has not been long. Therefore, the Federation will continue to support the Association's growth, and there will be successes in the near future.

WAJ: During a recent meeting between the two parties, Vietnam requested three particular areas of support from the World Police Taekwondo Federation: first, providing financial support to send two Korean Taekwondo coachers annually to train and instruct the Vietnam People's Public Security Sports Association (Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam); second, providing financial assistance to the Ministry of Public Security's Taekwondo Team to train in short-term courses in Korea; third, assisting high-level coaching staff from the Ministry of Public Security to attend international training courses in Korea; and fourth, sponsoring electronic sparring equipment. So, how do you and the Federation intend to implement these initiatives?

President Bang Seung Ho: We responded to the three problems mentioned by the Vietnam People's Public Security Sports Association (Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam) at the meeting. To begin, I do not have control over coach support, so when I return to my nation, I will organise a meeting with the Federation to make a particular decision. Second and third, the financial support for the national team and coaching staff for short-term training in Korea is within our purview. Therefore, after this trip, we will convene a meeting in Korea to discuss and develop a specific plan to provide the best support for training and coaching for the Vietnamese police in Korea. Additionally, sponsoring electronic sparring equipment for Taekwondo competitions is within my jurisdiction, so I promise to provide support in that regard.


The leadership of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam presents commemorative gifts to President Bang Seung Ho during the visit of the high-level leadership delegation of the World Police Taekwondo Federation to Vietnam in February 2024. (Photo: CAND)
 WAJ: It is known that you took office during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. How did you guide the Federation through this difficult period?

President Bang Seung Ho: I have served as President of the World Police Taekwondo Federation and Korea for two years. Prior to me, the former president passed away. Because I took office amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, our Federation's accomplishments have been limited. We've only been able to organise international tournaments using online channels. However, we aim to host the World Police Taekwondo Championship in Cambodia in August 2024, followed by the competition in Korea in 2025.

WAJ: Could you tell me more about the preparations for the World Police Taekwondo Championship in Cambodia?

President Bang Seung Ho: The World Police Taekwondo Championship in Cambodia, held in August, is organised by the Cambodian government rather than the Federation. The Federation simply coordinates, supports, and provides referees. It is projected that approximately 23 countries will participate.

WAJ: Do European countries participate in the event?

President Bang Seung Ho: Cambodia organizes the tournament for Asian countries; there are no European units participating.

WAJ: How will the Federation develop its strategy in the near future?

President Bang Seung Ho: The training activities of the Federation are related to the police forces of countries worldwide, not an extended sports program for those unrelated to the field. Therefore, we will not frequently organize competitions. Typically, the Federation will organize competitions once every 2 years or once a year. Currently, we are primarily focusing on developing online training and coaching support programs.

WAJ: Has South Korea positioned its national brand on the world map through Taekwondo martial arts?

President Bang Seung Ho: Taekwondo, as a unique cultural heritage of Korean martial arts, not only contributes to fostering friendship between member countries but also significantly contributes to the widespread application of Taekwondo training in the global police force. Taekwondo from South Korea has a presence in 213 countries and territories worldwide. This is considered to have positioned South Korea's national brand worldwide. Nowadays, in addition to Taekwondo martial art, other Korean arts such as K-pop music, television dramas, fashion, etc., are also being spread worldwide to introduce more about South Korea to people. As for our main task, it depends on global sports programs like the Olympics. Taekwondo has long been included in the main competition categories of the Olympics, so we are trying to develop South Korean Taekwondo to further enhance the quality of this martial art.


President Bang Seung Ho (7th from the left) and the leadership team of the World Police Taekwondo Federation. (Photo: WPTF)

WAJ: We've also had the opportunity to work with former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on multiple occasions, and we've watched him always push for global peace. In fact, that is the mission of both the United Nations and Ban Ki-moon. However, following his retirement, he founded the Ban Ki-moon Center with past heads of state and Austria's President to continue serving the community and striving for global peace. As a result, we associate this with you, as the Federation likewise works to support the global police force in ensuring world peace. Isn’t it?

President Bang Seung Ho: Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a well-known figure who has made many contributions to the United Nations and global peace. As the President of the World Police Taekwondo Federation, our job is to help police forces around the world to be healthy and strong, so they can protect their people, their countries, and their regions. In doing so, we also contribute to preserving peace for each nation, allowing them to develop and grow stronger. The mission of the World Police Taekwondo Federation is to contribute to maintaining public order, peace, and happiness for people worldwide through training police officers in various countries. This is achieved by promoting values of harmony, friendship, and the exchange of martial arts knowledge and skills.

WAJ: What are the plans for developing the Federation's representative offices worldwide?

President Bang Seung Ho: Currently, European countries are preparing to establish representative offices of the Federation. We have also met with the President of Estonia and awarded him a 9th-degree black belt. The Federation has also worked and cooperated with Russia on many occasions, but recently, due to the unstable political situation between Russia and Ukraine, all of our activities with Russia have been temporarily suspended.

WAJ: We also had the opportunity to collaborate with the high-level leadership delegation (including deputy ministers and ministers) from the Russian Federation, and we see that they are deeply committed to finding ways to restore peace for the people of both countries. Given this reality, we would like to respectfully inquire whether you and former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have any plans for connecting peace between these two nations?

President Bang Seung Ho: We will try to find the best way to reconnect, to develop together, and to build peace for both countries and the world.

WAJ: We also hope that you and the Federation will soon have visits and work sessions at the United Nations in Vienna and open representative offices in Europe?

President Bang Seung Ho: Yes, we will visit Europe.

WAJ: Do you have any words you would like to send to the Taekwondo police athletes, coaches, and referees in Vietnam and worldwide?

President Bang Seung Ho: I want to convey my message to all practitioners, coaches, trainers, and Taekwondo athletes that they should focus on maintaining high spirits, train diligently, and cultivate the highest martial arts values ​​to protect their homeland, friends, and loved ones.

WAJ: Thank you! I wish your mission to connect police Taekwondo forces worldwide and the Federation success!

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