April 01, 2022 16:04 Prof. Dr. Thomas Alfred Bauer
On April 10, 2022 (ie the 10th day of the third lunar month), the Global Vietnam National Fatherland Day Project Board, the Center for Intercultural, Science and International Communication coordinated with individuals, units and organizations. Associations, overseas communities and international friends from more than 30 countries around the world to organize online: "Viet Nam Ancestral Global Day 2022 - Holy Ancestral Anniversary and Honoring the descendants of Hung King globally ".

This is a cultural event of special significance not only for the Vietnamese community living, studying, researching and working abroad, but also for international friends who love Vietnam. This program has been maintained annually by the Global Vietnam National Fathers Day Project Board, according to a common scenario, in order to create a common cultural day - connecting Vietnamese people globally and international friends, aims to build a solid cultural bridge of friendship and sincere friendship between Vietnam and international friends.

The program "Viet Nam Ancestral Global Day 2022" consists of 3 parts: Part I (Participation): Gratitude to the Ancestors of the Hung Kings (Coordinating re-broadcast of the Hung Kings Commemoration Ceremony from Hung Temple - Phu Tho, Vietnam. South and part of Hung King's death anniversary from countries around the world); Part II (Participation): Returning to Vietnam (Cultural program of overseas Vietnamese around the world); Part III: Global Conference to Honor King Hung's descendants (Online connection of overseas delegates and international friends from more than 30 countries and territories on all five continents around the world).

Towards "Global Vietnamese Fatherland Day 2022"

The program is organized in the form of online, directly on the media system of the Vietnam Ancestral Global Day on fanpage: (https://www.facebook.com/quoctovietnamtoancau), Hung King TV Global, Television HITV - Hanoi Cable Television, Future Now (with members in 178 countries and regions); reporting on Vietnamese, overseas and international press and media agencies; Share on hundreds of Fanpages of overseas Vietnamese communities around the world.

Thereby, the Project Board shared the message, "Please join the Global Vietnam National Fathers Day Project to continue to light up the sense of compatriots, light up the fire of the red rose - light up gratitude to the original ancestors - that That nation's filial piety has created an unyielding spiritual strength that has been passed down from generation to generation, helping Vietnamese people always triumph over any adversity. continue to build a solid cultural bridge, build sincere friendship, promote the friendly and peaceful relationship between Vietnam and international friends, so that together: Spread and locate cultural values and Vietnamese national dignity is based on respecting and honoring the dignity of other peoples/nations around the globe".

The project "Viet Nam Ancestral Global Day" (Strategy to coordinate the organization of Hung King's death anniversary and Vietnam Day globally): was established by a number of scientists, intellectuals, community union leaders. compatriots from 7 countries, on the occasion of attending the "Ninth National Patriotic Emulation Congress" in Hanoi, under the enthusiasm of the Founder and Managing Director, Dr., journalist Nguyen Thi Bich Yen (Austria) (one of the people who successfully initiated the first Vietnam Day in Austria, 2015). Doctor, journalist Nguyen Thi Bich Yen is a researcher of journalism - media, culture and politics in the EU, currently, President/Representative of ICI International at the United Nations in Vienna, Member of the Association of Journalists international press in Vienna. In particular, Doctor, journalist Nguyen Thi Bich Yen is the 17th generation descendant of the Third Vuong Phi Nguyen Ngoc Nuong, wife/of King Le Kinh Tong (1599 - 1619). And is the author of the book "Pieces of the King" which has been highly appreciated by experts.

With a career journey in many countries, many cultures, with many public objects from ordinary people to intellectuals, or politicians, heads of state, kings..., Doctor, journalist Nguyen Thi Bich Yen has realized a key thing, that is, most successful countries have their roots in national pride, and at the same time, based on the strategy and mission that they protect and spread. spread their culture to the world. Since then, Doctor and journalist Nguyen Thi Bich Yen has cherished a dream that seemed impossible, which is "locating Vietnamese cultural values ​​globally" - that motivated her to form and create set up the Global Vietnam National Father's Day Project - a socio-cultural, non-profit, community and international project.

The project "Viet Nam Ancestral Global Day" was born with the mission: (1) Connecting overseas Vietnamese and international friends to participate in the conservation of representative intangible cultural values ​​of humanity and heritage. Belief in worshiping Hung Vuong abroad, in order to unite the strength of national unity; (2) Intercultural dialogue between Vietnam and cultures around the world; (3) Spreading and locating Vietnamese cultural values ​​and national virtues in respecting and honoring the virtues of other peoples/nations globally, in the real environment and in the real environment. virtual/inter-global media-journalism environment.

For details please contact:

Secretary: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien

Mobile, Zalo, Viber: 0084 0976761176

Email: nayquoctoancau@gmail.com ; iciculture2020@gmail.com




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